Friday, March 27, 2009

March 2009 Part 2

The problems I had at the beginning of this month are beginning to sort themselves out. The abnormal ECG which was preventing me from proceeding to surgery turned out to be a normal variant to use the cardiologist's terminology. I'll add some detail so that Ryan can look it all up on his favourite websites. My heart has partial Right Bundle Branch Blockage. The heart has two bundles, the right and the left, they are the receptors for the electrical signals which tell the heart when to beat; the hearts natural pacemakers. Because my Right Bundle is ineffective my heart is receiving most of its commands through the Left Bundle. As a result instead of positive going peaks on my ECG, negative going troughs are seen. This is rare, therefore abnormal, but it is not life threatening or life shortening. The cardiologist proceeded to check my heart using an Ecocardiogram and found no other problem which could cause the abnormal ECG. The cardiologist has given me a clean bill of health and as a result the Canadian Anaesthetist has given the go ahead for my operation and I've also passed my offshore medical.
The redundancy threat may also be lifting. New contracts may be offered in the next few days which remove this issue. I will let you know how this goes.


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