Monday, June 30, 2008

June Update 6

I have now completed 3 weeks of my 5 week long shift. I went to Northern Ireland for 4 days to provide field training with the formation tester for two of our engineers. The rig was BDF 28 drilling near Ballycastle in the North East near to the Giant's Causeway. The borehole conditions were very poor and the drilling crew struggled to ream out and clean out the well so that we could log. Eventually it was decided that it was not worth the effort and we were stood down. This gave us the chance to visit the Giant's Causeway and the Carrick A Rede rope bridge where I saw Guillemots nesting on the cliffs, both worth seeing if you are in the area.
I had no difficulty with customs at either Edinburgh or Belfast City (George Best) Airport. My workmates ate at the restaurants and drank in the pubs with me without any noticeable problem. The only problem I had was with a group of half drunk young ladies who felt that making me the but of their jokes would be fun. I ignored them and since my normal pace of walking is faster than most they were soon left behind. I do sometimes attract this kind of low level abuse and I am finding it less upsetting day by day.


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