Sunday, September 07, 2008

September Update 1

As far as my transition is going there is not a lot to report. My body is changing slowly under the effects of the oestrogen patches, but there are no new drastic treatments to report. I will see my consultant again on 14th October, there won't be any significant changes to report until then. As far as my interactions with the people around me are concerned, everything is pretty much back to normal. I go to the pub with my workmates after work or for the occasional pub lunch without anybody showing the least concern. I haven't been singled out for any kind of abuse, not even finger pointing, by anybody in the street, in a shop or at work since my last report. I don't seem to attract any attention anymore. With the exception of the way in which I currently interact with my brothers some of my cousins and my Aunt, my life is back to something like normal. I am in Romania at the moment helping the locals start up a base and even here I haven't attracted any unwanted attention. The town I am in at the moment is Ploiesti, somewhere North of Bucharest. I flew in to Henri Coanda International Airport named after the same Henri Coanda who is famous for describing the Coanda Effect named after him. As I am sure you have guessed he was Romanian. So things are from my point of view going very well.
For the last few days of August and the first few days of September I was part of the crew logging the Willoughbridge borehole, drilled to find coal bed methane for Nexen. We stayed in the Royal Hotel in Crewe. Neither the hotel or Crewe seem to have much going for them.


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