Sunday, June 15, 2008

June Update 4

I have been back at work for just over a week. My workmates have just got on with there working days without becoming concerned with me. I have had no hassle, no adverse comments and no insults of any kind from anyone at work. I am rapidly resuming my place as part of the furniture and have had no difficulty getting on with bossing those people around who are currently subject to my whim.

My employers have provided me with access to a counsellor in Aberdeen whom I have now visited for the first time. This first visit was mainly a background information gathering visit with no real issues to discuss for which I needed specific help.

I am replacing the hormone patches, mostly on time with just one occasion when I was a few hours late.

I have now got my passport back and as of now, with a few minor exceptions all my documentation is in my new name.

I live in a staff house in Aberdeen when on shift with two other workmates. As shifts end and begin, the identities of my housemates changes, but so far none of my housemates has shown any indication that they find my prescence irksome, and they have had no difficulty being seen in public with me when, for example, we go to the supermarket or to the takeaway.

Everything, with respect to work is proceeding well so far, I'll post again soon.


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