Thursday, December 09, 2004


I was called home from Jordan because I was needed to do a job in Eastgate in Weardale, Durham. I travelled with my logging unit, an old American Ford, bullnose truck, arriving in Eastgate at about 10pm. Our residence for the trip was the Burnside Guesthouse in Standale which I can highly recommend. Our hosts gave us free transport to and from our workplace, provided us with massive full English breakfasts and very comfortable clean rooms. The borehole on which we were working was drilled to explore the possibility of using hot groundwater for heating purposes. We provided Fluid Conductivity, Flow, Temperature, Gamma Ray, Resistivity and Density logs. On completing our work we went for a meal at the Cross Keys in Eastgate, which I can again highly recommend. The dinner plates are the biggest I have ever seen and they were full. The area itself is very pleasant English hill country which I may target for a family holiday in the future.


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