Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Black Rock

Black Rock is a local rock climbing spot. Passing the base is the old Cromford and High Peak Railway which now is a footpath and cyclepath between Cromford and Buxton. I brought the family here in the post office campervan for a picnic, bike ride and general ramble. Three bikes and a scooter went in the back and three adults and four children were seated in the front. Matthew, Roseanne and Rhuarhri enjoyed themselves on their bikes and scooter whilst Mavis and Kathryn relaxed with Michelle at the van with a cup of tea. I kept my eye on them as we rode to the top of Sheep Pasture Incline, a steep track up which trains were once hauled by a stationary steam engine, at the top of which the engine house still exists. We didn't descend the incline, it's too steep to ride down and hard work walking back up, so back to the van we went for another cup of tea. After our picnic we packed up and returned home.


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