Saturday, December 04, 2004

Santa Fe Monarch

I got my weekend at home after returning from Ukraine, but on the following Monday I was on a plane to Schiphol followed by a train (a double decker) to Den Helder where I stayed in a hotel with Neill Gilhooley, my workmate. The next morning we were on a helicopter, a Bristow Tiger (modified Super Puma) out to the rig. On arrival we checked our equipment and then waited until Thursday to be told that our services were not needed after all. So we packed our equipment and got the chopper back to Den Helder on Friday afternoon. We took the train to Amsterdam and had a night on the town. After an excellent Indonesian meal we drank the evening away until 2 a.m. At first we tried a standard, noisy, glitzy bar which you can find in any town anywhere, but we finished in a more Dutch bar, long and thin, sand on the floor and a wide range of Dutch drinks. We eventually decided to return to the hotel, since we had to wake at 6 a.m in order to catch our flights. This we duly did and home we arrived on Saturday morning.


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