Sunday, January 24, 2016

January 2016

I'm going to branch out a bit from now on and use this blog as a forum for wider issues which affect me.

1. Germaine Greer doesn't affect me at all. She is clearly Transphobic and also clearly doesn't have the slightest idea what a Transsexual Woman is or is not. Her lack of knowledge on the subject and the fact that her opinions reflect her age rather than current opinion cause me amusement rather than angst.

2. Transsexual women in Male Prisons. This is insane, two people given the same prison sentence for the same crime should be punished equally. A Transsexual Woman in a Male Prison will suffer more than a Male Prisoner in the same jail serving the same length of sentence. This is unjust and must be changed.

3. Removing Gender Indicators from Passports and Driving Licences. I am against this. Once I began my Transition it was very easy for me to get a Female Driving Licence and Female Passport as soon as I changed my name by Deed Poll which was also easy. I gained a great deal of satisfaction from finally having an official document stating my Gender correctly. Removing Gender Indicators would deny this to others in my position, hence my objection.


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