Saturday, November 01, 2008

November Update 1

I have been at home for the whole of October so there is little to report. I visited Dr. Curtis in London during this period of leave, he suggested using Testosterone blockers but I have not taken action on this issue as yet and since I am now back on shift there is nothing I can now do until December. I have no problems to report, my cousin Lesley and my Aunt Mavis met me in my new guise for the first time recently and both treated me as well as I would expect. Lesley treated me as she normally does, which, by and large means that she ignored me but Karl, her son showed no antagonism at all which I take as a positive thing. I believe that you can ascertain the true attitude of the parents from the attitude of their children and since Karl was fine I take the point of view that Lesley and Ian are not blackguarding me at home. Mavis was a little reserved but not so much. I gave her a kiss when she arrived and I think that was well received. Simon is relaxed arround me now but he steadfastly refuses to call me Tina or she. He says he needs time to adjust but he persists in calling me Martin to people who have only ever known me as Tina, this causes unneccessary confusion I think. I might start using his old surname in retaliation. Christopher is starting to use my new name now, under pressure from his lady friend so, again things in general are improving for me.
I am currently in Romania again, I have been here for three days and have already logged two wells. The locals seem happy to put up with me so I am currently at ease.
At home, Roseanne has progressed to a higher level in her horseriding and after a few early problems is enjoying the new challenges involved. Roseanne went Trick'or'Treating a few nights ago, against my better judgement, but I was outmanoeuvred. She enjoyed herself immensely. Matthew has found places for work experience so he is happier and Michelle got a green star at school. So all is well.