Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May 2008 Minor Update

I now have a Driving Licence in my new name with a female gender identifier.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

May 2008

I have worked in Senegal and Uganda this year, completing my first Bungee Jump over the River Nile near Kampala in Uganda.

The main news, however was my announcement that I am transexual and aiming for Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS). I have told almost all of my friends and close relatives by now, with almost universal support. Some of my closer relatives are still struggling to come to terms with the female me but I haven't been thrown out by my wife, and my children have become accustomed to the new circumstances. I am living full time as a woman now and have been since 2nd May. I changed my name by Deed Poll on 11th May and I am still getting my Driving Licence, Passport, Utility Bills etc. changed to match my new identity. I have had my ears pierced and been to a ladies hairdressers for the first time. The lady who owns this Salon must be a sorceress, she managed to make my hair look quite nice, I am sure that I floated home in euphoria after leaving. I have had baseline blood tests done to check for hidden disorders, such as diabetes and to find out my natural levels of Testosterone and Oestrogen prior to the prescription of Female Hormones.

I first went to see a doctor specialising in Gender Dysphoria (transexualism) on 11th March, my wife went with me. I wore a black minidress suit, borrowed a handbag from my wife, and wore black tights and court shoes. This was the first time I had ventured out in public as a woman and it was, I assure you, very scary. We took the train from Nottingham to London St.Pancras, then walked the two miles to the doctor's surgery. The Doctor spent an hour getting to know me, explained the rules for further treatment and advised me how to proceed. My Doctor follows a code of practice known as the Harry Benjamin standards of care, after the man who first formulated them. After seeing the Doctor we walked back to the Station. We had some time to spare so my wife took me around a branch of Accessorize and purchased for me a very nice black handbag and matching purse; she then made a point of taking me to the ladies toilets and then to dinner at a reasonably nice restaurant where the obviously well trained waiter became the first person to call me Madam. After this we caught the train home. During the entire trip, we didn't experience the slightest abuse or discourtesy and we both had a great time.

Since this time, shopping trips with my wife and a close friend have become quite regular, and always enjoyable. I have had flowers and jewellery bought for me for the first time.

I have informed my employers and they have also pledged their help and support, even to the point of providing access to a counselor at their expense whilst I am at work. I am also seeing a counselor specialising in Gender Dysphoria on a weekly basis, as required by the Harry Benjamin standards of care and a very nice lady she is too.

It is not all as plane sailing as this posting might suggest but I went into this expecting the worst. I expected to lose my wife, my family, my job, my wealth and perhaps even health. The reality so far has been so much better that my initial fears now seem silly.

I will keep you informed.