Thursday, February 24, 2005


The whole of February has been busy so far. The first job of the month was a trip to Provins to log La Torche 1 for Vermilion. We provided standard open hole logs and a Cement Bond Log. There was a few days of delay before we started so we got the chance to wander around Paris a little. We visited Notre Dame and the Bastille monument with the occasional pint and coffee mixed in. The following day we went to Le Bourget to visit the French national aerospace museum. They have some Ariane rockets here including Ariane 5 and a pair of Concordes. There was a lot of other stuff there, including the engine gondola of an airship. It is well worth the visit. Eventually we got our job done and returned home.
Shortly after our return we were mobilised to a job for UK Coal for the standard logs, a seismic checkshot survey and an acoustic scanner log. The job was Heck Lane near Whitley just South of the M62 in Yorkshire. We had some problems which we sorted out and got the job done.
On our return I was mobilised to West Firsby in Lincolnshire to run a tubing cutter and some tubing punches. I finally got this job finished at midnight on Friday 25th February.