Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Marishes 3

Worked at Marishes 3 drillsite for Viking UK Gas Ltd between 26th May 2004 and 31st May 2004. The site is at the confluence of the River Rye and River Derwent in North Yorkshire near Malton. Used the Old Lodge Hotel and the Bean Sheaf Hotel. I can recommend the Old Lodge, but there is poor mobile phone reception at the Bean Sheaf. Ran a Junk Basket, Bridge Plug and CIS Gyrodata Whipstock Orientation and Borehole Orientation on exit from the milled window. Had one trip out to Robin Hood's Bay, a picturesque and peaceful spot and a wilder night in Great Yarmouth which I will not expand on too much. Went through the North Riding Forest Park on the way to Robin Hood's Bay. Worth a second, longer visit.


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