Friday, March 11, 2005


On March the first I was travelling by plane to Berlin, Tegel airport to pick up a hire car and drive to Miedzychod (Birnbaum) in Poland to complete a memory lateralog super combo log for Polish Nafta i Gaz. On arrival the snow had already been falling all day and it took us six hours to drive a route which normally takes two to three hours. This area of Poland is gently rolling green , well wooded countryside. The rig itself was situated within a large wooded area, near to the river Warta. On completion of the work we returned to Tegel, but missed the next available flight to Amsterdam. We had to wait twenty-four hours for the next flight. This gave us the oppertunity to see some of the sights in Berlin, including a preserved bit of Berlin wall, the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate and the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, bombed out in World War 2 and perhaps the most memorable building we saw. On the whole Berlin isn't the most awe inspiring city which I have visited, although I did appreciate the visit to the House of 100 Beers.