Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Lendava, Slovenia

Left home at 04:00 and drove to Birmingham Airport to catch a flight to Graz in Austria via Munich. At Munich airport I met Dirk Neuhaus and we proceeded to Graz. At Graz Airport we obtained a hir car and drove South to Lendava via Bad Ratkersberg and Murska Sobota. We found the Hotel Elizabeta and our co-workers found a pizza had a quick drive around the vineyard covered hills and retired for an ad hoc barbacue followed by a late beer session at the hotel.
The following day we got the call to log the well. The Computalog crew started logging without me and sent an operator to collect me at 15:00. I set up and tested the seismic checkshot survey equipment and found all in order. I eventually got my turn at 04:00 the following morning and started my survey. I obtained data at 23 points from 2050m to 320m depth. After the downhole survey an LVL survey was undertaken from 7m up to a maximum distance of 60m; as far as could be tested on site.

I left a field copy of the data with the client and booked a flight home from Graz via Frankfurt the next day.

I arrived early at Graz so I decided to have a quick drive around town. This was a big mistake, there are traffic lights every 100 yards which are definitely not timed to allow free traffic flow. I spent the next hour driving just 10 kilometres, seeing very little of interest and almost making myself late for the flight.

I caught the plane (an Avro RJ85 Cityliner) to Frankfurt and a 737-300 to Birmingham. On arrival, I spent an hour quizzing various car hire companies to find which one I had a booking with. Finally Hertz admitted that they had my booking and I was able to travel home and get to bed.